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The Peachtree Battle Alliance (PBA) boundaries were defined in bylaws in 1974 and include three historic neighborhoods covering portions of Peachtree Heights Park, Westover, and Haynes Manor.

What is the Peachtree Battle Alliance (PBA)?
The PBA is a non-profit civic association that represents almost 600 households in the PBA neighborhood.

What are the boundaries of the PBA neighborhood?
The PBA neighborhood includes that area bounded by Peachtree Creek on the south, Northside Drive, N.W. on the west; West Wesley Road, N.W. on the north; Habersham Road, N.W., Peachtree Battle Avenue to Peachtree Street and Nacoochee Drive on the east, and all streets within those boundaries.

Who can join the Peachtree Battle Alliance?
Any individual age 18 or over residing in PBA may join by paying annual dues of $255.00 for a calendar year. This format allows multiple members in a household to vote on issues presented by the PBA, provided that they pay dues.

What are the benefits of joining the Peachtree Battle Alliance?
Each member of the PBA (1) is entitled to coverage by and access to the PBA Security Patrol, (2) votes on issues presented by the PBA, (3) receives a mailbox decal with the PBA logo, (4) receives an invitation to the annual Fall and Spring neighborhood parties and (5) has access to the  members-only content of the PBA website, including the Members Directory.

PBA dues support the PBA Security Patrol, as well as  major improvement initiatives in Traffic Calming and Parks and Landscaping. They cover the expenses of all communications with PBA neighbors including our website, paper communications, and neighborhood signage. Dues enable the PBA to host the Spring Cocktail Party for adults and to limit the expense of the Fall Party for families to $20.00 per family.

How do I join the Peachtree Battle Alliance?
We encourage you to join or resubscribe online at PBA website.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about PBA Membership?
Contact the Chair of the PBA Membership Committee at [email protected]

When does the Peachtree Battle Alliance meet?
There is an annual meeting of the Peachtree Battle Alliance each October.

How do I submit an article for posting on the PBA website?
To submit an article to the website, contact [email protected] Advertisements or solicitation articles will not be accepted. Please direct any questions to the link above.

Are the Peachtree Battle Alliance Board Meeting Minutes available to PBA members?
To request a copy of the most recent PBA Board Meeting Minutes please contact [email protected] and provide your name, street address, and telephone number.

How can I review the Peachtree Battle Alliance Bylaws?
To request a copy of the PBA Bylaws please contact [email protected] and provide your name, street address, and telephone number.

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