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Membership Committee

PBA Membership Committee

The PBA Membership Committee is responsible for collecting annual association dues, welcoming new neighbors, providing PBA respresentatives for each block, and producing an annual printed directory.

2016 Membership Campaign – November 1 – December 31, 2015

We invite you to become a member of the Peachtree Battle Alliance (PBA) for 2016.  The cost of membership is $260/year.  Online registration is encouraged.  The advantages of online registration/renewal to the association are:

  • reduce the amount of paper/labor in assembling and delivering membership packets.
  • reduce the amount of labor of volunteers.  By paying online, the money will be directly deposited into the PBA account … less trips to the bank and post office!
  • more current and correct information per household will be available for the 2016 directory because verifying your personal information has to be done in order to complete payment.

However, for those who feel more comfortable paying by check, please contact the Membership Chair at [email protected] and a membership packet will be delivered to you.


A Safe Neighborhood

Private Security Patrol – 65% of PBA Budget

The primary functions are:   

  • to oversee the PBA Security Patrol;
  • to apprise our members of criminal activity in the neighborhood;
  • to educate members about crime prevention and personal safety techniques;
  • to work with the Atlanta Police Department Zone 2 police officers on crime prevention in our neighborhood; and
  • to coordinate our neighborhood security efforts with those of nearby neighborhoods.  

Since contracting with the security patrol, there has been a decrease in the number of crimes in our neighborhood.  In addition to providing daily security, upon request they will monitor homes when on vacation.   

Attractive and Well Maintained Grounds

Parks & Maintenance – 22% of PBA Budget

The Parks Committee is responsible for planning, design and implementation of a comprehensive, neighborhood-wide traffic calming plan to ensure the integrity, safety and beauty of public green space including Atlanta city parks and other public space which will protect, maintain and improve residents’ quality of life.  Currently a maintenance contract is held with Valley Crest landscaping for all green space in the neighborhood.

Organized Events to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Social – 4% of PBA Budget

In efforts to create a closer community, the social committee holds two annual events:  the Spring Cocktail Party for adults that is traditionally held in May, and the Fall Party for families that is held in mid-September.  A portion of the expenses for both these events are funded by the membership dues to the PBA.

PBA Volunteers

Administration – 4% of PBA Budget

The PBA operates as a business and incurs insurance fees, license and permits, and city-wide organizational memberships.

Controlled Traffic & Traffic Calming Plans

Traffic – 3% of PBA Budget

The PBA is involved in all aspects of planning, design and implementation of a comprehensive, neighborhood-wide traffic calming plan which will protect, maintain and improve residents’ quality of life.

Neighborhood & City News

Communication – 2% of PBA Budget

In addition to receiving PBA information blasts via e-mail about pertinent neighborhood and city news, each member has online access via login password to the content of the PBA website which includes an online directory.  The dues also cover the expense of all communications with PBA neighbors such as flyers, newsletters and neighborhood signage.

Member Services & PBA Decal

Membership – 1% of PBA Budget

Each member of the PBA will receive a mailbox decal with the PBA logo.

Attention to Zoning Issues

Zoning – FREE!

The PBA has established a Zoning and Variance Committee, consisting of members of the board and volunteers with architectural experience. The goal of this committee is to facilitate cooperation between neighbors during the variance process, and to make sure variances have a minimum impact within our neighborhood.

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