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Parks Committee

Parks Committee Vision Statement:

The Parks Committee is responsible to ensure the integrity, safety and beauty of public common areas including Atlanta city parks and other public space.

  • To be fiscally responsible and professional
    • Annual budget process
  • To be mindful of the historic and cultural landscapes
    • Use information gathered in last 5 years in planning
  • To cooperate with the City of Atlanta and other stakeholders
    • Develop committee liaisons with stakeholders (not limited to this list)
  • Watershed Management (Roxanne)
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Habersham Garden Club (Barbara)
  • Haynes Manor Garden Club (Tina)
  •  Park Pride (Roxanne)
  • Georgia Power
  • AT&T
  • PATH Foundation
    • To provide planning, oversight, volunteers and appropriate funding

 Major projects:

 1.    Maintenance of public spaces

  • Valley Crest contract
  • Drought watering (Michael Shaddrick)
  • Tree pruning – Chris Hastings
  • Adopt-a-Trail

 2.    Master Plan for beautification & environmental enhancement of common areas.

  • Sibley Park Entrance
  • Sagamore Entrance
  • Peachtree Battle Oak Entrance
  • Peachtree RD Entrance
  • Peachtree Battle Median Park
  • Memorial Park /Woodward Way
  • Alton/WW Green spaces
  • Haynes Manor PATH
  • Manor Ridge Triangles

3.    Effective litter and graffiti abatement

  • Creek/neighborhood cleanup activity
  • Litter pick up reminders
  • Dept. Of Public Works for graffiti abatement

4.    Bobby Jones Golf Course & Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy

  • Friends of Bobby Jones

5.    Preserve and maintain urban forest canopy in the PBA area

  • Maintain strong relationship with Trees Atlanta

6.    Web Site Information

  • Updated park/green space map
  • Pruning Tips


Committee expands on Plan:

  • Action steps and timelines/benchmarks
  • Assignment of duties and responsibilities

Committee Structure & Membership:

Chairman                                   Ann Barrett

Co-chairman                              Amy Swick

Master Plan                                Michael Swick

  • Kevin Johnson
  • Marsh King
  • Elizabeth Pritchard
  • Roxanne Smith

Sibley Park                                 Yvonne Wade

Bus Stop Peachtree                  Neal Stump

Litter                                         Kay Tritt, Eli Green

Bobby Jones Conservancy             Roxanne Smith

Friends of Bobby Jones                 Tony Smith

Trees Atlanta Liaison                     Tina Maddox

Members-at-Large                   Barbara Chandler

  • Harriet Kirkpatrick
  • Beatrix Kondor
  • Karen League
  • David Ross
  • Barbara Slick

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