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Traffic Calming Committee

The purpose of the Traffic Calming Committee is to successfully manage all aspects of the planning, design and implementation of a comprehensive, neighborhood-wide traffic calming plan which will protect, maintain and improve residents’ quality of life.

Our Mission

  1. Create as safe an environment for neighbors as possible to improve the collective quality of life.
  2. Communicate the PBA Traffic Calming Plan and its projects throughout the PBA neighborhood to ensure transparency and to create opportunities for all residents to give continual input and feedback. Work for approval within the City of Atlanta.
  3. Seek project funding from all possible sources to minimize the need for internal funds, leveraging local funding with government and foundation matching funds.
  4. Implement a plan that is aesthetically consistent with the character of PBA.

2015 Goals:

  • Finalize planning, secure funding and begin implementation of improvements at Northside Drive/Woodward Way/Sagamore intersection
  • Support the successful completion of the Northside Drive Georgia DOT (GDOT) project


The PBA Traffic Calming Committee was formed in February 2002. Since that time it has achieved many positive goals for neighbors. After the initial PBA Traffic Calming Committee was formed in 2002, the Committee spent an appropriate amount of time and resources to gather data about the neighborhood and its traffic planning needs and challenges.

The neighborhood engaged nationally renowned traffic planners, Glatting Jackson. The committee helped raise the funding needed to pay Glatting Jackson and coordinated their work which included Haynes Manor neighborhood neighbors participate in three-day traffic charettes facilitated by Glatting Jackson.

In 2003 Glatting Jackson created the initial PBA Traffic Calming Plan.

During 2003 and 2004 the PBA Traffic Calming Committee pursued an outreach program to gain input to refine the plan and the gain support of key stakeholders. Multiple meetings were held including with Council representatives Claire Muller and Mary Norwood and NPU-C’s executive committee. Over twenty neighborhood meetings were held during 2004.

In the summer of 2004, the PBA Board approved the initial PBA plan and charged the PBA Traffic Calming Committee to pursue the plan over a multi-year period. Also, the NPU-C Executive Committee approved our plan and presented the Northside Drive traffic calming solutions from our plan to Georgia D.O.T. as part of the Georgia D.O.T. Northside Drive Safety Study. Over the next two years, communications with neighbors led to multiple revisions to the plan. The plan was ultimately put to vote out to the neighborhood and was overwhelmingly approved.

In the succeeding years, the Committee focused on prioritizing its work. The Peachtree Road/Peachtree Battle Avenue intersection was made the top priority. Other identified  priorities included Northside Drive/PBA intersection, reducing speed limits, the Northside Drive corridor, and Northside/Woodward Way/Sagamore intersection. Also, the Committee has since changed advisors and now uses another large traffic planning firm, Kimley-Horn.

The Peachtree PBA intersection project including a complete redesign of the area, taking into account the needs of the major stakeholders including the adjacent neighbors, the city and E. Rivers school. The area was dangerous because of the presence of pedestrians (usually children) and speeding traffic. Massive amounts of asphalt were removed and the intersection redesigned to guide traffic more calmly and to give pedestrians safe areas to cross the street. After many years of effort on the part of the Committee and PBA Board, the project began in 2010 and was completed in 2011. The project was completed without the need for internal PBA funds.

The Northside Drive/PBA intersection has been included as a GDOT project but has not been scheduled. The redesign is the same as recommended by the PBA traffic plan. This was presented to neighbors in the original neighborhood roundtable meetings.

Peachtree Battle Avenue and West Wesley were identified as areas for speed limit reductions. Residents on each road were asked to vote their support as a way to gauge neighbor support for the reductions and the new guidelines were overwhelmingly approved. The Committee, with the support of Councilmembers Clair Muller and Yolanda Adrean, presented to the Transportation Committee of the City Council and gained approval of the changes and both have been implemented resulting in much calmer safer traffic flowing through the neighborhood.

The PBA traffic plan improvements envisioned for Northside Drive included the removal of the reversible lane and sidewalks on both sides of the road from I-75 to Peachtree Creek. The reversible lane has been removed and the sidewalk construction is scheduled to be done by GDOT in 2012. No PBA funds were required.

The Northside Drive/Woodward Way/Sagamore intersection project was reviewed again with neighbors in 2009. The design remains consistent with the original Glatting Jackson design. The city has approved the project and the Committee continues to work on securing funding for this important safety project.

Committee Chair: James Worrell
Committee Members:

James Worrell
Sadler Poe

[email protected]

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