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The Peachtree Battle Alliance has established a Zoning and Variance Committee, consisting of members of the board and volunteers with architectural experience. The goal of this committee is to facilitate cooperation between neighbors during the variance process, and to make sure variances have a minimum impact within our neighborhood.

The committee works with the neighbors applying for a variance, as well as the adjacent neighbors who may be affected. The committee offers guidelines and assistance to help the variance process run smoothly.

What steps are necessary to obtain a variance within the Peachtree Battle Alliance?

When a variance is required by the City of Atlanta, the variance application and plans are reviewed by the Zoning and Variance Committee. The character of the renovation should be in keeping with the architectural character of the neighborhood. Careful consideration is given to the Site Plan and the effect on adjacent neighbors as far as tree removal, drainage and water runoff.

To ensure that a variance will be favorably received, it is also necessary to provide adjacent neighbors with the complete information: a copy of the variance application, a site plan and architectural elevations. (This information should be provided well in advance of the NPU hearing.) If neighbors approve, they may provide a signed letter to the applicant stating their approval. If they have concerns, the Zoning and Variance Committee is available to work on a compromise, as needed.

Recent Zoning successes in the neighborhood include the property at 2380 Alton Road.  What had essentially become an abandoned property was purchased on the auction steps by a neighbor and now has a beautiful new spec home under construction. We know the entire street is happy to see the improvements to their great street.


Kevin Johnson – Chair

Marsh King

Ann Barrett

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