Construction Guidelines for the PBA ?>

Construction Guidelines for the PBA

 What is appropriate “construction etiquette” in the Alliance neighborhoods?

If you are undertaking a renovation, communicate with your neighbors BEFORE the project begins.  You can alleviate most concerns by sharing your plans with those neighbors impacted, and listening to their questions BEFORE you start.


This is especially true if you require a VARIANCE. The PBA has a Variance Review Committee in place to work with you through the process.  Once you have your architectural and site plans, this committee will review them.  They will also address any concerns that neighbors may have, and try to mediate the process as needed.  You may email the variance committee chair at:  [email protected]


Driving around the Alliance can be like navigating an obstacle course when there are many construction and renovation projects underway.  While all are excited about the enhancements to our neighborhood, please be considerate of your neighbors during the construction and landscaping processes:


  • Make sure your contractors park on ONE side of the street.  Parking on both sides creates hazards for cars and pedestrians.
  • Try to locate the port-o-potty away from the street.  These devices tend to attract pranksters who create an unsightly mess by turning them over.
  • Locate dumpsters off of the street, and use safety cones or devices as needed.
  • Please do not park in front of mailboxes or block postal van access to individual mailboxes.
  • Ensure that your contractor properly installs and MAINTAINS silt fencing and other deterrents to control water run off during the construction phase, as mandated by the City of Atlanta.
  • Please maintain a clean construction site, making sure trash and litter are picked up and don’t make their way to adjacent areas.
  • Be sure that your contractor knows that there are noise ordinances in place, and have them make sure deliveries are ONLY made during construction hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Please post all permits in a visible place.


If you are a neighbor who is impacted by a renovation, be proactive and communicate with your neighbor BEFORE involving the City of Atlanta officials.


Important issues for all neighbors to discuss openly include:

  • Will trees be removed?
  • Have water run off/ retention issues been addressed (especially for those homes situated on “higher ground” throughout the neighborhood)?
  • Have the appropriate building permits and/or variances been applied for and received?
  • Is the renovation in keeping with the style and scale of the neighborhood?

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